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From Ruby to Erlang. Beginner’s Mistakes

I’ve been programming full-time using Erlang for a while already (about eight months or so). Before Erlang, I was doing some hardcore Ruby. Obviously, these are very different languages: OOP vs functional, mutable vs immutable and so on. Also, there are things you won’t find in Ruby (the opposite is also true).

In this post I want to show you the mistakes that I’ve made and the lessons that I’ve learned during the transition.

Tmux / Автоматическое восстановление сессии

Не так давно собрался с силами, и настроил у себя в tmux автоматическое сохранение и восстановление последней сессии. По прошествии месяца могу с уверенностью сказать - просто бомба!

4 Vim Plugins Nobody Knows About

I’ve been using these four plugins for a really long time. And they are wonderful. But each time coming on Github and seeing the number of stars, I think that few people actually know about them.