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Как мнение о книге может меняться в течение 40 лет

(рисунок TulinovR с deviantart.com)

Бывает, что книга, которую вы только что прочли, вам не понравилась. Но что будет через 5 лет? Изменится ли ваше мнение о ней? А через 10 лет? Ниже представлен перевод отзыва Mark Monday о книге “Над пропастью во ржи” (англ. The Catcher inthe Rye). Автор написал его, вспоминая свои ощущения от книги, которую он перечитывал раз в 5 лет на протяжении 40 лет.

Writing to HBase From Hadoop Mapper

Although Hadoop and HBase are often used together, not so many resources devoted to interaction between them. In the book “HBase: The Definitive Guide” there is a chapter named “MapReduce Integration”, which sheds some light on this. I would like to give you another example of the MR task that reads and writes to the same HBase table.

5 Great Tools to Share Knowledge in a Team

Sharing knowledge in a team is one of the important factors of success of all its members and the company as a whole. What it can be? Any sorts of things: articles, videos, slides, thoughts on a particular tool - generally, any piece of useful information that you would like to share with your colleagues.

And that’s why it’s important:

  1. Each member of the team is growing as a professional;
  2. You communicate with each other (this is especially important for distributed teams);
  3. The senior colleagues share their experience with the younger ones (by posting links to useful books or other materials and discussing certain decisions they’ve made in comments).

Specially for you guys, I picked the 5 best tools to help you put your team back on track.