November picks

“Random picks from all over the Internet”.



Long, but rewarding reading on topic of Distributed Programming, CALM theorem and CRDT.

Real-life lessons from Stripe at the end of their game day. For those who are not familiar with this term, Game Day - a day when devops’es and developers get together and simulate failures in the network or other infrastructure problems (eg. high load).

Excellent series of articles that shed light on the work of Postgresql during request execution.


Good talk about all the tiny things that should be taken into account while doing benchmarks.

Contract tests may be the better idea instead of integrated tests for some cases.


Презентации с Higload 2014

Маленькая, но добротная презентация о том, как правильно выбрать и подкрутить железо, файловую систему и ОС при работе с Postgresql.

Как надо и не надо шардить данные. Во второй части - как организовать роутинг. Все понятно без слов.


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