January picks

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If you are looking some very good principles for your team or organization, these from HashiCorp may give you the foundation.

Nice benchmarks of LMDB, BerkeleyDB, Google LevelDB and 3 of its derivatives - Basho LevelDB, HyperLevelDB, and Facebook’s RocksDB, as well as TokuDB and WiredTiger. Worth seeing.

Well written article about program correctness and different strong consistency models and how they fit together.


When someone comes to you and says “I want to learn Haskell, because parallel programming is so easy in it” I want you to say “Where is the evidence? Has somebody tested it? Do we trust them?” Thoughtful talk on the software development.


Do you want to improve life of your Linux laptop’s battery? Here is a handy tool - tlp.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdw

ThinkPads require an additional:

sudo apt-get install tp-smapi-dkms acpi-call-dkms


Презентации с Higload 2014

Всё что вы хотели знать про репликацию, но боялись спросить. Ещё один отличный доклад с Highload 2014.

Пара презентаций от Андрея Смирнова о проблемах клиент-серверных приложений и возможных подходах к построению backend’а.


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