February picks

“Random picks from all over the Internet”.



After working for more than a decade in IT, Federico Carrone writes about his goals for this year. This article has motivated me to set my own goals. Also there are tons of interesting links inside!

“The problem, by far, is that we don’t design languages based on evidence, but design them based on whim. New programming languages are designed by looking at existing languages and re-hashing the ideas.” Author raises many questions about language design, and claims that we yet do not have answer for most of them.

If you want to learn either Lisp, Clojure, Haskell or R languages, this post could provide some useful links.

A list of the basic security metrics and a general overview of what makes a good security metric.



Хороший обзор существующих NewSql решений. Детально разобраны 4 БД: VoltDB, MemSQL, NuoDB и FoundationDB.

Все идет к более широкому использованию WebSockets, но народ все еще в сомнениях. Так что читайте этот пост. В комментариях дискуссия на тему существующих проблем.


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