Hire me

For the past two years, I’ve been working full time at FunBox as an Erlang developer. I’ve learned so much during that time - the Erlang language itself and the tooling (observer, recon and others), Hadoop, HDFS and even some team management skills (thanks to @gumayunov).

I am grateful for the opportunity that FunBox has given me. But once a while you need to move on and I did. So I’m looking for a new job.


I’m primary interested in system programming (right now I’m writing a hobby OS in Rust) and infrastructure.

This may seem strange to somebody because I started my career as a web developer. However, as years went by, I’ve realized I’m enjoying system programming more (OS insides and tools, building SaaS, debugging and fixing complex bugs using Linux utilities like strace, iostat, tcpdump and others).

Besides all of the above, I have also interest in:

  • streaming/batch solutions (Hadoop/Spark/…)
  • distributed programming (e.g. distributed DB)
  • compilers
  • NLP
  • ML
  • AI

One day I might want to become an architect. I like to think about application’s architecture and ways to improve it. But this won’t happen very soon cause of my little experience.

Possibility of relocation: yes, but remote is preferable
Require visa sponsorship: yes


The following should describe you, the company:

  • You must support remote work. My parents mean a lot to me and I want to be able to visit them a couple months every year.
  • You invest time and money in your employee’s education (Wednesday meetups, buying tech books and paying for a conference once a year would be nice)

Bonus: if you are doing some bioengineering or financial stuff (transaction processing, cryptocurrencies), this is a plus.

Contact me

If you think I will be a good add to your team, please contact me via anton.kalyaev at gmail.com. Thank you!

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