Podcasts I am listening to

I am in constant search of useful information and considering podcasts as one of the sources. Please note the word useful. I do not listen to podcasts where the hosts tell the story of how they hang out yesterday in the pub! And you could be surprised of how many of such podcasts are out there. A huge number! Otherwise, podcasts are very convenient. You can listen to them while on the go or standing in the line at the local store.


In the order of importance:

Under review

What I’ve tried to listen: The Naked Scientists, StarTalk Radio, The Productivityist, Stuff You Should Know, How to Do Everything, WTF with Marc Maron, Accidental Tech, Planet Money, 99% Invisible, Radiolab, The Joe Rogan Experience, a16z, The Art of Manliness, Back to Work.

На русском

Что я пробовал слушать: Радио-Т, GolangShow, Разбор полётов, Как делают игры.

What app I am using

Overcast, which recently got a major update. People say Pocket Casts is also good.

Feel free to recommend me something :)


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