Indian movies weekend

On my way from Berlin to Warsaw I’ve met 2 really cool guys from India - Winny and Raghav. They asked me to recommend 3 Russian movies to them and I did. Then I asked to return a favor. I watched all of them and they are amazing. No wonder they all have a very good score on IMDB. So, thank you guys! Swades (2004) A project manager from NASA decides to go to India to find his nanny. »

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Abstracting the logger interface in Go

Wrote a blog post a few days ago for my company’s blog about our experience of moving from a static logger to an interface and adapter for the go-kit log package. »

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Велосипедный маршрут №1 по Ульяновской области

(Cycling route in Ulyanovsk Oblast) Сложность (difficulty): легко (easy) Протяженность в одну сторону (distance, one way): 17.7км (11.268 miles) Небольшой участок пути придется проехать через лес (сразу после Поливно). По приезду в Полдомасово можно искупаться. Вода чистая, проточная (течение сильное) (You will have to bike through the forest at some point (small piece of the track right after Polivno). Upon arrival in Poldomasovo you can go swimming. The water is clean and refreshing. »

Monthly Art #20

This is a monthly “newsletter”, containing a list of what I enjoyed the most last month. Whether it was a full length movie, short film, music album, book or even a painting.


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April Picks

“Random picks from all over the Internet”.


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