Monthly Art #21

This is a monthly “newsletter”, containing a list of what I enjoyed the most last month. Whether it was a full length movie, short film, music album, book or even a painting.


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June Picks

“Random picks from all over the Internet”.


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Велосипедный маршрут №2 по Ульяновской области

(Cycling route in Ulyanovsk Oblast #2) Сложность (difficulty): легко (easy) Протяженность в одну сторону (distance, one way): 9.6км (6.7 miles) Сначала любуемся домами богатых жителей Ульяновска, проезжаем кружок по лыжной базе “Заря” (внимание: штраф 20тр, но всем пофиг; главное не наглеть и пропускать спортсменов). Далее едем в парк 40лет ВЛКСМ и назад через лес. Большая часть пролегает по сосновому лесу, так что воздух там отличный. (First we look at the homes of wealthy people of Ulyanovsk, passing around a ski training base “Zarya” (note: the fine is 20000 RUB, but nobody cares; the important thing is to respect others and give way to athletes). »

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Indian movies weekend

On my way from Berlin to Warsaw I’ve met 2 really cool guys from India - Winny and Raghav. They asked me to recommend 3 Russian movies to them and I did. Then I asked to return a favor. I watched all of them and they are amazing. No wonder they all have a very good score on IMDB. So, thank you guys! Swades (2004) A project manager from NASA decides to go to India to find his nanny. »

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Abstracting the logger interface in Go

Wrote a blog post a few days ago for my company’s blog about our experience of moving from a static logger to an interface and adapter for the go-kit log package. »

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