A Plea for Lean Software by Niklaus Wirth (1995)

In 1889, Anton Chekhov writes to his brother Alexander: “My advice: in the play try to be original and as clever as possible, but do not be afraid to seem silly; we need free-thinking, but only the freethinker who is not afraid to write nonsense. Do not grind it, but be clumsy and impudent. Brevity is the soul of wit.” I think we can apply the same principles to academic papers as well. »

4 quotes from The Emperor’s Old Clothes by C.A.R. Hoare (1981)

This article was originally published on Medium. About ALGOL 60 which introduced recursion and enabled him to express his quick sort algorithm: “The highest goal of programming language design to enable good ideas to be elegantly expressed.” On shortening programs (meaningful name -> a1): “The way to shorten programs is to use procedures, not to omit vital declarative information.” On complexity and the role of a programming language: »

Where should I declare my constant?

This article was originally published on Medium. Quick question: where should I declare my constant? Most developers would say: “top of the file”. And that would be the wrong answer. As for the majority of the questions in software engineering, the right answer is “it depends”. I would try to prove to you, in this post, that, if the constant is private and is used only in one place, it’s far better to declare it right above the line, where it’s used. »

The Best of Erlang User Conference 2016

Videos from Erlang User Conference 2016 are up. Thank you to organizers for sharing them with the community.

As usual, I am publishing the talks, which I liked the most. Hope you’ll enjoy these too. Disclaimer: your experience may vary.


Лучшие доклады fpconf 2015

В прошлом году состоялась первая конференция, посвященная функциональному программированию - fpconf. Судя по рассказам моих знакомых, подобралась неплохая компания и было несколько действительно крутых докладов. К счастью, вам не надо смотреть все выложенные видео, чтобы найти те самые доклады.

Дисклеймер: выбранные материалы и степень их крутости отражают личное мнение автора. Ваше мнение может отличаться.


Еще немного про именование переменных

Вообще, после того, как вы прочитаете “Совершенный код” Стива Макконнелла, вопросов как назвать ту или иную переменную быть не должно. Но есть некоторые моменты, которые не освещены в книге и нуждаются в обсуждении.